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Why Buy OEM Parts? | Columbus, MS

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Should you use aftermarket parts or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts on your vehicle? If you’re unsure which to choose, we have the answer for you.

Why Are Aftermarket Parts Produced?

More often than not, a local mechanic or a DIY car owner will choose aftermarket parts for their vehicle’s repairs. The reason usually boils down to one factor: price. Aftermarket parts have lower prices since the parts manufacturer focuses on only building car parts and not whole vehicles like an automaker does. Aftermarket car parts are also widely available at any garage, auto parts store, or gas station. Convenience makes them an easier choice.

But aftermarket parts have their weaknesses. One issue is the sheer variety of choices. There are dozens of manufacturers providing aftermarket parts for your vehicle. How can you know which ones are quality parts and which ones cut corners? It takes years of trial and error to figure out which parts work well from which company. And if you do find parts at OEM quality, there’s usually no warranty ensuring they will last.

Why Are OEM Parts Better?

The major argument against OEM parts is the cost. They tend to be higher than aftermarket parts, but when it comes to the quality, strength, and durability of the parts on your vehicle, you get what you pay for. An aftermarket part may cost less for a reason: low-quality materials.

The peace of mind that comes with using OEM parts can’t be beat. These are the parts that the automaker designed for your vehicle. Guaranteed quality comes with warranties on both the piece and the labor at the dealership.

When you come in to purchase OEM parts at Carl Hogan Automotive, there’s no sifting through the brands. There’s one choice: the vehicle’s brand. And there’s no wait to have parts ordered like a local garage would have to do. All our parts are in stock so repairs can be finished in a timely manner.

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