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Service Indicator Lights | Columbus, MS

Check Engine Light

This one requires a professional fix because the engine computer has issued a diagnostic code that needs to be scanned in order for the issue to be treated.


Battery/Charging Light

Something about the charging system is not functioning correctly, so check the battery, connections, and the alternator belt.


Oil Change Reminder

Once a specific amount of mileage or time has passed, the vehicle will remind you it needs new oil. Oftentimes this light will need to be reset after the oil change.


Oil Pressure Warning

When this light comes on, make a point to immediately check oil levels and pressure, as it indicates a loss of oil pressure.


Brake System

This light will come on when the parking brake is on, when brake fluid is low, when there’s an issue with the ABS, or for any issues with the overall brake system, so make sure you have your brakes checked immediately if the parking brake is disengaged.


ABS Light

The Anti-Lock Braking System has set a diagnostic code and, similar to the Check Engine Light, this must be scanned by a professional.


Door Ajar Light

One of the doors of your vehicle is open. This may also refer to the trunk or hood of the vehicle, too.


Washer Fluid Reminder

If you need to refill your wiper fluid reservoir, this light will come on. Keep in mind some vehicles have separate reservoirs for the front and rear windows.


Fog Lamp Light

This light turns on when you have your fog lamps illuminated.


Cruise Control Light

When you turn on cruise control while driving, this light comes on.

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