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Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?
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For car buyers looking for added peace of mind, consider buying a certified pre-owned model. Each of these vehicles must meet specific criteria to qualify, they must pass a rigorous inspection, and they often come with perks like added warranties and roadside assistance. If you want a used car without the risk, buy a certified pre-owned vehicle from Carl Hogan today.

Vehicle Criteria

Only late-model and low-mileage vehicles can qualify for certified pre-owned (CPO) programs, and they must also have a clean vehicle history report. That means the manufacturer sets strict standards on what can and cannot qualify as a CPO model, which is what most car shoppers are looking for right off the bat.

Inspections and Reconditioning

CPO models must also pass a rigorous vehicle inspection, covering everything under the hood to exterior dings and dents. Vehicles must also have quality OEM parts for any repairs they may have had in the past, and they are usually reconditioned to meet standards. These inspections can only be performed by certified technicians, and they must be signed off on by managers. Also, technicians must usually check for any recalls before a CPO vehicle can be sold.


The best reason to buy a CPO model is for the warranty. Most models come with an extended limited powertrain warranty (usually around 100,000 miles, though it may vary), as well as a one-year comprehensive warranty. If you have any problems whatsoever, your warranty will often cover the cost of repairs. Considering the fact that you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, this is a major benefit for most buyers.

Other Perks

Depending on the specific CPO program, your vehicle is often eligible for 24/7 roadside assistance, low-interest financing, special leasing options, discounted maintenance, or satisfaction guarantees. Although this may vary from brand to brand, and even model to model, CPO vehicles come with some excellent benefits you won’t find anywhere else.
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